Name: European Knowledge Centre Ltd.

Registration number: 01 09 709534

Hungarian VAT number: 12910652-2-41

EU VAT number: HU 12910652

Address: 1025 Budapest,
Törökvész út 71-73.


Phone: +36-30-9916632

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The European Knowledge Centre Ltd. was established in 2002 and our main aim was to contribute to the cumulated knowledge of humanity, primarily with our advancement in the field of artificial intelligence. During the many years, we accomplished numerous successful projects in different industries. Consequently, we are greatly proud of the AAA credit that we were awarded in 2018 and 2019. The AAA credit represents excellent financial standing which is possessed by only the 0.63% of the Hungarian companies. Having very strong bases, we decided to exploit our competence not only in pure software applications but in the world of robotics as well.


The giant industrial and social need for automation has to be solved in the next couple of decades. Companies, not only are struggling to find labour for easily automated tasks but when someone decides to take such a job, he or she is usually stuck in a very repetitive work, which also can be physically demanding. We want to live in a world where people work to fulfill their meaning of life and they do not have to worry about their basic physiological needs. Our target is to move the world to this direction by contributing to the automation process of the world with our expertise in artificial intelligence and robotics, carefully watching to benefit the employer and the employee as well. 

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