Our various competencies can be grouped into three main fields: information technology, artificial intelligence, and robotics. Exploiting the potential of these fields, we are able to offer solutions for the crucial problems of the 21st century.

Information and Technology

We accomplished numerous successful IT projects in fields such as web applications, e-commerce, cloud services, and many others. We are well-experienced in IT consultation, design and implementation of IT systems and systems testing. Using multitier architecture technology our systems are fast, efficient, reliable, and secure. Furthermore, we have our own customizable online communication system, the so-called perfect chat or hybrid chat.

Artificial Intelligence

The field of artificial intelligence was always in our focus. We have great know-how in numerous technologies connected to AI, such as machine learning, digital image processing, natural language processing amongst many others. Combining them with the IT knowledge we possess, we were able to build applications like perfect chat or different visual data processing applications as some examples.

Robotics and Automation

The newest branch of our company is focusing on robotics. We have great know-how in customized robot building, robot integration, robot programming, and general robotic system design. Enhancing these robots with artificial intelligence, we are able to provide feasible solutions to the industrial problems of the 21st century.