We can proudly say that we accomplished many successful projects in numerous fields. Building upon these experiences, we can offer several customizable services.


Information Technology

IT Consultation

A fast, reliable, and secure IT system is vital for every company. To increase the performance of your company, we offer IT consultation, in which we concentrate on finding your root problem and advising possible solutions. 

IT Systems

Having evaluated your system, we are delighted to design and implement your customized IT system for web applications, cloud services, e-commerce, and for many other fields. Using well-adjusted multitier architecture technology our systems are fast, efficient, reliable, and secure.

Online Communication Systems

Hybrid Chat is one of our own inventory, which provides you access to a unique chat-based communication system. It combines the advantages of a human and a robot dispatcher. 

System Testing

Testing your system is vital to avoid any malfunctions and external wrong-doers. We provide design and implementation of system testing, test management, and automatic testing systems. 

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence R&D

We offer you a great variety of technologies connected to artificial intelligence to solve your problem, such as machine learning, digital image processing, natural language processing amongst many others.

Computer Vision

Since computer vision is a key feature of many application and one of the most needed components of artificial intelligence, we acquired the knowledge from many fields in order to help you processing visual data.

Robotics and Automation
Customized Robots

Do you need a specific robot that you cannot find on the market? We offer you our know-how to build your customized robot which is the most efficient for your application.

Robot Integration

Do you have a robot, but you cannot integrate it into your system? We can help you to make these robots part of your system. We can support you in mechanical integration and robot programming as well.

System Design

Do you need a system with sensors, machines, and robots? Then, our system design service is for you! Having evaluated your needs, we design and implement a system that suits you the best.

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