Design and Implementation of Robotic Systems

Our company provides the design, programming, installation and operation of complex robot systems. As part of the design process, we offer 3D simulations and impact studies. The integration of robotic systems into an enterprise environment involves the installation of the robotization platform (e.g. surveillance software and sensors), too. Our services include the training needed to operate the systems. Robot systems and process automation are based partly on robots and automation units delivered by contrators, and partly on customized, custom designed and manufactured tools made by our company. We build our robotic systems with the following partners and robot manufacturer companies:


·         FANUC Hungary Kft.

·         Flexman Robotics Kft. – Yaskawa Robots

·         ABB Kft.

·         KUKA Hungária Kft.

·         Schunk Intec Kft.

·         OnRobot Hungary Kft.

·         FESTO Kft.


In the case of a long-term agreement, it is possible to rent robots or robotic systems - even with trained workforce. Combining labor and robots we share optimally the processes between humans and machines.

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