UV Disinfection Service with Autonomous UV-C Robot

Utilizing an autonomous disinfection robot is the most modern and effective way of disinfection to inactivate microorganisms. As the UV-C light emitted by the sun is completely absorbed by the Earth’s atmosphere, therefore microorganisms could not develop any natural defense against it. By utilizing UV-C light it is possible to inactivate all viruses and bacteria in a couple of seconds.

The UVD disinfection robot is environmentally friendly as it uses UV-C light instead of ozone or chemicals. Unlike other alternative disinfection methods, the UVD disinfection robot can kill all germs fully automatically and while in motion instead of a several hours long disinfection procedure. The disinfection robot sterilizes the air, all objects and surfaces in reach of its’ integrated UV-C germicidal lamps.

UVD Robot Disinfection Service

We provide disinfection service by utilizing autonomous UVD Disinfection Robots for offices, factories, department stores and any other buildings or institutes.

The disinfection service includes all possible cost of the disinfection including:

  • a mapping of the area
  • onsite delivery of the robot
  • all delivery charges
  • onsite operation of the robot
  • moving of the robot at the scene if needed (eg. moving between floors or on stairs)
  • security monitoring of the robot
  • the complete disinfection of the area
  • issuing a disinfection certificate upon request

UVD Robot Disinfection Frequently Asked Questions

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