UVD Robots

UVD Disinfection robot

The most effective disinfection with UV-C light

Main features

Clinically proven disinfection with UV-C light

The fully autonomous UVD disinfection robot emits concentrated UV-C light onto high, medium and low touch surfaces in support of normal cleaning routines, By using clinically proven UV-C light the UVD robot inactivates all known germs including viruses and bacteria (including Covid-19, SARS, MERS viruses).

Quick and efficient automatic UV disinfection

The UV-C disinfection robot manufactured by UVD Robots ApS can disinfect any indoor area fully automatically without any human interaction. It will map all rooms, corridors and will start the disinfection with a simple press of a button. It can operate several hours with a single charge, which makes it suitable to disinfect large indoor areas.

Last generation autonomous disinfection robot

The UVD UV disinfection robot is fully autonomous. Thanks to its built-in sensors and cameras, it can bypass any obstacles on its way during the disinfection process and it will disinfect the area with its built-in powerful UV-C lamps without any human interaction.

Environmentally friendly

The UVD Robot utilizes UV-C germicid light instead of ozone or chemicals.  As the robot can disinfect microorganisms within seconds, the rapid use of the UV-C light does not cause any harm to plants or objects in the room. There are no dangerous particles left behind and there is no waiting time after the disinfection, the disinfected area can be taken into use right away.

Application of the UVD Robot

The Covid-19 pandemic proved that we need to prepare for a new world where daily disinfection will play an essential role in fighting against the corona virus or any other existing or future infectious microorganism.

UV-C disinfection is successfully used since many years in healthcare institutes, in the food industry and for water sterilization. The UVD Disinfection robot finally makes this environmentally friendly disinfection method available for all industries as the UVD Robot is designed to disinfect any indoor room or area quickly and efficiently.

Thanks to its unique autonomous peration and its adjustable speed, it can solve the disinfection requirements of rooms, wings or complete buildings or any other facility with the help of its built-in powerful UV-C lamps.

  • Semmelweis University (HU)
  • Európa Design Office Building (HU)
  • Telki Hold Senior Care (HU)
  • Odense University Hospital (DK)
  • Al Qassimi Hospital (UAE)
  • Castium Laboratory (UK)
  • Minami Tohoku Hospital (JP)
  • Wuhan Thunder God Hospital (CN)

Semmelweis University (HU)

  • Kuwait Port Authority (KWT)
  • Central South University (CN)
  • Hamburg Hospital (D)
  • Policlinico Umberto I Roma (I)
  • Ospedale di Ancona (I)
  • Ospedale di Cremona (I)
  • Oncology Institute Ljubljana (SLO)
  • Doha Hamad Airport (Q)

Telki Hold Senior Care (HU)

Efficiency of UVD Robots

Time is money!

Labor time used for disinfection (30 sqm)*

Manual disinfection

Manual UV-C lamp

UVD robot

Total disinfection time (30 sqm)*

Manual disinfection

Manual UV-C lamp

UVD robot

5-year disinfection cost comparison (300 sqm)*

Manual disinfection

Labor & Chemicals

Manual UV-C lamp

Labor & Chemicals

UVD robot

Labor & UVD Robot

*Complete disinfection including all in room objects and
ll structural elements, walls, doors, windows.

UVC Disinfection challenge

One of the questions that often arises

Can the UVD Robot disinfect under the bed or in other shadowed areas?

YES, it can!

12 challenging positions that would theoretically be hidden from UV-C light exposure after the UVD Robot disinfection process.

The UVD Robot, thanks to its autonomous mode, will get close to all surfaces and disinfects those from different angles so that even shadowed areas get enough exposure to UV-C light to get disinfected.

UV-C Disinfection challenge completed!

Autonomous vs Static UVC Disinfection

The visible light exposure test at Odense University Hospital

Static disinfection

Manual UV-C lamp

Blind spots remaining

Autonomous disinfection

Automated UVD robot

Thorough UV-C light coverage

UVD Robots

Technical specification

UVD Robot UV-C Disinfection Frequently Asked Questions

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