Microsurgical instrument repair

The microsurgical technique is used by several surgical departments (neurosurgery, traumatology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, head and neck surgery, plastic surgery, urology, transplant surgery, pediatric surgery, obstetrics, gynecology). Microsurgical interventions are performed with optical magnification, with the help of special tools designed for these tasks (loupe or operating microscope), surgical instruments and auxiliary materials.

Continuous monitoring and maintenance of the condition of special microsurgical devices is extremely important in order to achieve appropriate surgical precision and results during clinical application.
The continuous replacement of special devices due to wear and tear, and the purchase of new devices, require a significant financial outlay from all medical institutions that use microsurgical instruments.
The lifetime of these devices can be significantly increased by maintenance, repair and renovation of the microsurgical instruments performed at appropriate intervals.

Microsurgical instrument repair is possible only with the help of special tools and appropriate expertise. Our company’s team of specialists has several decades of international experience in the field of maintenance, repair and production of microsurgical instruments, which is unique in Hungary.

We undertake the ad hoc or contract-based maintenance and repair of microsurgical instruments with guarantee, with which the service life of these special instruments can be significantly increased while maintaining the perfect world-class quality and accuracy allowing significant cost savings in the area of ​​purchasing microsurgical instruments.

We plan to start the production of our own branded microsurgical instruments in the near future, which will produce international quality microsurgical instruments in an environmentally friendly and robotized way by recycling used instruments. During the development and production of our own microsurgical products, we will pay special attention to the opinion and need of domestic doctors regarding the dimensions, material, stability and use of the instruments. We are delighted that we will be able to provide world-class microsurgical instruments from domestic sources for the Hungarian health sector.

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Techncical Director of Microsurgery Equipment Repair Quality Assurance

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